Battery life has tanked since updating to android 11

I’ve seen a couple others complaining of this in the update thread. I used to get at least a day out of my battery, and it’s now draining within about 5 hours. I’m using it just as much as before, in the same ways, but the battery is draining much more rapidly.

This is really the only complaint I have with the update. It somehow messed up my battery and I don’t know how or what to do about it.

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Could you try doing a soft reset or a full reset?

I’m having the same issue. Both resets haven’t fixed it

same here on all three 2e’s we have. dreadful battery life. my daughter went from nearly 1.5 days on a charge (she is on it like 24/7) to charging 2x a day now. im reverting her back to the previous rom later today.

Hey, could you please charge your phone to 100%, use it normally until it drains to, say, 15% and capture a bugreport? You can mail this to us at
Do remember to mention your username, and drop a link to this thread in your email.

To generate a bugreport, please follow this:

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ill see if i can have my daughter wait a day let me ask her. she is super annoyed with the battery lol

running it now. will let you know

she got annoyed lol ill run it on mine and let you know she insisted i flash it back to the older version. kids lol

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:slight_smile: - thanks for checking.

sent one from my phone with info its a bug report.

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Soft reset did seemingly nothing. Seeing as another user reported no change after a hard reset, I prefer not to do one. As soon as I have a free day, I’ll try and capture a bug report as instructed as well.


Forgot to reply - we are looking into these logs. @Kiera_Todd - do share your logs as well.

i even reflashed back to the original rom then did the update again. as well as a full reset twice. i barely used the phone today only to make phone calls and nothing else at all. no browsing, video, anything else and charged it last night and it was down to 18% around 5pm today. it used to last for a few days at least when used like that (this is only a backup phone i used usually for phone calls and VERY light say facebook messenger. almost never video or browsing etc)

Hi @mastershake - I replied to your email. Could you follow these instructions and resend new logs to us:

  1. Charge to 100%
  2. Reboot the phone after full charge (this is important to reset the logs)
  3. Let the phone drain to like 20-30%
  4. Then share logs

@Kiera_Todd - please follow the same.

Not sure if this helps troubleshooting but I let the phone run until it died, got over a day with it sitting at 1%. Then I charged it, and now it is doing better. Still not as good as it was, I was charging every other night before and now I have to charge every night.

Battery does indeed drain quite quickly since update.

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same poblem here: before Android 11 update the battery lasted almost two days now I have to recharge in the afternoon. Same use, same app use.
any suggestion?

We have a few changes in the upcoming build regarding performance and battery.

Folks - do try the latest 11.0.1 update.