Casting to tv not working after 11 upgrade

I recently upgraded my Teracube 2e to Android 11. ( S/N: 202011T2E) (Android 11.0.0+a1a1d68.user).
I noticed 2 things. The cast to screen does not find any tv to cast to. I have tried 3rd party apps as well. No Joy.
Second is the battery gets used a lot more than previous version.
Any way I can restore the old version 10 without erasing data?

Hi @Hussein_Remtulla - 11.0.0 did have a few performance and other issues. Could you please upgrade to 11.0.4 (link) and test again.

Thank you Sharad. The TV casting issue got sorted but got another bug.
App has stopped working comes up in every app. I have to click wait everytime.
Also the battery drain is much worse than before.
Is there an update after this as on the auto update it says Iā€™m updated to latest.

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Hi @Hussein_Remtulla - apologies for the late reply.

  1. Make sure you installed the 11.0.4 update.
  2. Try a soft reset.
  3. Clear/Wipe the Cache Partition
  4. If nothing else helps, backup and factory reset should do it.
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