[Certified] Android 11.0.2 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020 / zirconia)

I keep getting upgrade failed on T2.

I keep getting upgrade failed as well. I’m on the first batch (North America). any advice?

I tried it from a factory reset android 10.

Could you please take a video from a different phone and share it with me? You can also email it to devs@myteracube.com

to be honest, I would if you had asked me 2 hours ago, but I kinda gave up and installed lineage OS and I do not want to redo all the work I did for the past two hours just to show you the update progress bar hitting approximately the 30% mark and then getting the error screen and then it rebooting into 10.

Unfortunately I too experience dramatic slow down of my phone a few days after upgrading to 11.0.2 (from 10).

Even the last security update for 11.0.2 is from October 2021!
Performance and stability is also really bad (I sometimes even have trouble doing phone calls).

@Sharad: Could you tell us if there’s any plan for further updates? What’s the future for 2e first batch?

I raised this multiple times and got the following response to my latest post.

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Hi @andineupert A new update for 2e first batch (SN:2020) is already under progress and contains alot of general fixes and optimization, Stay tuned for it :slight_smile:


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Yes Sir in Year 2030 :joy:

Update: We have 11.0.4 update now.

Please check out 11.0.3 update.