Slow Performance on Android 11 1st batch (SN:2020)?

Is it just my T2e or is it incredibly slow since the upgrade?

Something as simple s opening the phone app and waiting for the favourites (all 5 of them) to load takes upwards of 10secs. Once an app is open, it is reasonably responsive, but that initial load or load after background switch is ridiculous.

Anything I can do @Sharad except downgrade which I don’t want the hassle that that will cause?

Devs are looking into this. They did add a lot of performance improvements from base Android. There is scope for more though.

You could either wait for our next few builds or go back to Android 10 temporarily till we improve it further.

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But going back would cause me to have to reset and re-install everything surely? And I really don’t want to do that.

Definitely need to improve response time. If an app hasn’t been opened already, it’s a solid 3 if not 4 second count between tapping the icon and the app starting, way slower than before.

all three we have performance was slow for a day or two after upgrading but now its basically the same speed wise. i dont see to much of an issue. none of ours have that much drag. things imo actually respond faster then on 10 most of the time.

I see a rendering performance regression compared to the alpha I was running before upgrading to the final release of 11; it’s less smooth, feels more or less like the stock ROM did (which is ok coming from 10, but noticeable when upgrading from 11 alpha).

In the alpha there was a newer GPU driver, see here: Teracube Teracube 2e - Vulkan Hardware Database by Sascha Willems
But in the final release it’s back to the previous version which was also used in 10: Teracube Teracube 2e - Vulkan Hardware Database by Sascha Willems

Is there any particular reason for this? I guess it’s bugs/stability issues or similar, but I’m curious.

Thanks for digging that up. I’ll review this information with the Devs and reply back in some time.

Same goes for the kernel version btw. Alpha had 4.19 (used for 2021 batch phones), release is back to 4.9 (same as stock ROM).

experiencing extreme slowdonw. the phone is almost un-usable.
are you going to do something or should I simply throw this piece of hardware?
We are months late on security and OS update, with a useless phone, what else is going to happen?

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Hi @athecat and others, please try the latest 11.0.1 update.

And we have a new update - 11.0.2 update (install from the Teracube updater inside Android Settings or from the info page).

The biggest change is the improved performance. It has quite a few other fixes as well including Google apps, FM, hotspot, and better battery handling.

I’ve given up - even after the update it is all still very odd behaviour, sluggish, etc…

Bought myself a Pixel 6 instead ands boy what a difference

This is me signing off from this experiment.

Please install the latest 11.0.4 update on your SN:2020 Zirconia unit for a much improved performance.