Android 10 security update outdated since November 2020

My Teracube 2e is still stuck with the Android security update of November 2020.
Isn’t Teracube’s promise to keep the smartphone updated for 4 years?
When do we get the update?


We should have the 1st release out in the next 2-3 months.

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Hi Sharad. Thanks for replying quickly. November was 5 months ago, so 3 months from now means our Teracube 2e phones don’t get security updates more than every 8 months!

The Web site states “Teracube will receive 3 years of Android and security updates.”

So should we understand it will only get one update per year over the 3 years?

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I can understand your concern here. We do not want to hide the fact that we are a small startup and are still figuring out our way through the software updates process controlled by Google. It should get way smoother and quicker once we do it 1-2 times.


I would also be interested to get a better understanding of what us Teracube 2e users can expect in terms of security update availability. I think I have read on the Indiegogo site that you are planning to issue new security updates quarterly, which would be totally fine with me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monthly, as long as we get regular updates for years to come. Thanks!

P.S.: the 2e is a great phone and provides a complete smartphone experience, but with a good conscience.

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Je comprends que vous n’avez pas les moyens des grandes constructeurs de téléphones, mais si vous ne pouvez pas mettre à jour ces patchs de sécurité, mettez au moins à jour vers Android 11 et le problème sera réglé.

I am curious about the 3 year security update. When does the countdown start?

I assume that everyone is getting all the updates so is the sale of the last 2e phone when the countdown starts?

Is 3 years what we can expect or do you have plans of continued releases?

I also think that it’s important to differentiate between updates and security updates. Security updates are very important for obvious reasons while general updates aren’t very interesting to me.

My general approach to repairability is to buy at least 5 of the same phones. Then when each breaks it’s used for spare parts. However security updates becomes a long term problem.


Tout à fait d’accord avec vous… bien distinguer les mises à jour de Google Play, des applications, et des mises à jour des patchs de sécurité mensuels