Wi-Fi Calling on Dropdown menu missing?

Did the most recent update for the phone and my dropdown menu no longer has the Wi-Fi calling button? Has it been moved elsewhere in the settings now (it’s not in Settings > Network and Internet either)?

Yes - the wifi calling quick setting has been removed as part of bringing in AT&T support. The feature itself is still there inside Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network. However it seems its not working. So seems like a regression. Opened a Dev issue for this.

Interesting. I have also had the “Joyn” App suddenly appearing. I never installed it (and it never made itself known previously). It only shows up under the system apps list. It didn’t begin appearing until the most recent update and from what I can tell it may have something to do with those sorts of tasks.

Is this something that was packaged with whatever AT&T support you’re talking about?

Joyn app (RCS) was needed to comply with AT&T certification.

Ah - that’s kind of a shame that AT&T forces their bloatware onto the platform and it can’t be disabled, especially for those of us that don’t even use their service.

Is there something non-AT&T customers can do?

We are looking into some options for future SW releases.