[Certified] Android 13.0.3 for Teracube 2e Emerald (SN:2021)

NOTE : These builds ONLY WORK for the Teracube 2e Emerald (SN: 2021), and not Zirconia (SN:2020). Please read the differences here carefully and flash accordingly.

If you are looking for SN:2020 Teracube 2e (Zirconia), then click here.

We are thrilled to share our 2nd stable (13.0.3+f162a50) (Google) certified Android 13 for Teracube 2e.

:sparkles: What’s New? :sparkles:

:lock: Security

  • This update includes security patches to 2024-04-05

:gear: Performance

  • We’ve made some under-the-hood improvements to make your device run smoother and faster. This includes updates to the kernel, file systems, and power HAL

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fix ghost alarm icon glitch
  • Fix random bootloops
  • Fix bootanimation lag
  • Fix local update crashes
  • Fix D2D cable transfer during Setup Wizard and USB OTG devices
  • Fix Live wallpapers

:sparkles: New Features!

  • A new Trustzone/Keymaster version (V4.1) provides additional security enhancements
  • Added MTK PowerOffAlarm

Steps to Upgrade:

  1. Download the upgrade zip file directly on the phone (or transfer the zip to the phone).
  2. Goto Settings > System > Updater (or Teracube Updater)
  3. Click top-right 3 dots > Local update
  4. Tap “Internal storage” and browse to Downloads or wherever you transferred/downloaded the update zip file.
    Note 1 : If Internal storage does not show anything, then reboot the phone.
    Note 2 : Do not download the update to SD card.
    Note 3 : Before you update, make sure you have at least 6GB of free storage and your battery is at least 50% charged. This will help ensure a smooth update process.
  5. Select the file and continue the update process.
    Note: If the Updater closes or crashes, then try again.
  6. Upgrade process will take a while.
  7. Reboot the phone after the updater says “Update installed”.

Do note, after the update, you’ll need to re-enroll your fingerprint and some users have reported that they lose their launcher - icon and widget arrangement. We’d suggest you take a screenshot of your homescreen before performing the update!

Let us know how it went and post your questions/feedback here. Please keep the comments related to this update itself.

If you experience any errors/issues, you can flash the original factory firmware using the automated installer or SP Flash.


I had to factory reset my phone for unrelated reasons, but have not encountered any issues using this new Android 13 system. Its pretty great and I appreciate all the work that went into finally getting this out!

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  • The new Teracube logo loading screen looks :sparkles: slick :sparkles:. My phone was on that screen for about 15 minutes when rebooting to complete the update. Other than that one reboot, turning on and rebooting my phone takes a normal amount of time.
  • :headstone: RIP battery charging limiter :battery:? I kinda liked that feature :frowning:.
  • :headstone: RIP Duraspeed :rocket:? I feel like my phone consumes battery faster now that I don’t have Duraspeed.
  • Why wasn’t this update available through the updater, why did I have to download it from this forum? I didn’t even know the update was available until I checked this forum.
  • There seems to be more padding on the left and right of the notification bar to dodge the rounded corners? I welcome that change, but the padding looks mismatched (there’s more padding on the right end).
  • Holding the power button now activates Google Assistant but thankfully I can change that: Settings → System → Gestures → Press & hold power button → Power menu.
  • Addendum: the new Camera app looks nice but if I change the aspect ratio to 16:9 I can’t see the whole viewfinder anymore.