Best network for Teracube 2e?


Just received our new 2es and they weren’t able to activate on sprint. I went to a TMobile store to see what they could do to help me, and the best options was to move me to TMobile and up our cell bill $20 a month. The salesman said they weren’t even sure if the phones would work on TMobile’s network so there would be a chance we’d need to buy new phones. I passed on that, and am looking for a new carrier now. I’ve seen the list of approved carriers, but has anyone had good experiences they’d like to share with a carrier that isn’t TMobile (preferably not ATT either). Does anyone know if the 2e is compatible with Mint or Spectrum?


Confirmed compatible/supported carriers in the US:

  • TMobile
  • AT&T
  • Metro by TMobile
  • Mint mobile
  • Red Pocket (both T-Mobile and AT&T versions)
  • Consumer cellular (both TMobile and AT&T versions)
  • StraightTalk (TMobile version)
  • Ultra mobile
  • ting

Certification in progress

  • Cricket wireless

These are confirmed incompatible (reported by users):

  • Republic Wireless
  • Boost mobile
  • Sprint (requires porting over to TMobile. read more here)

Not confirmed yet:

  • Google Fi

Thanks for the quick response! Mint offers a demo sim card, so we’re going to try that first and see how the service is in our area.

Thanks again!


I can confirm that my Teracube 2e works with Ting and it apparently only uses T-Mobile’s network in my area. All basic features including calling, SMS, and LTE data have been working so far. Not sure about WiFi calling or VoLTE, but the quick settings tile says that WiFi calling is on, and the VoLTE indicator is showing. I can’t tell a difference in call quality so far.

(Did not realize this post was made 12 days ago; the forum notified me by email about 20 minutes ago of this post as if it were a new post.)

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Thanks for your response on this. We ended up going with mint which runs on TMobile’s network. The phones are working great!

Thanks again!

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My friend & I are on TMO and the T2e’s are working fine on voice, SMS & data.

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